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VISA Gift Card

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Gift cards can and should be used when making purchases on the internet instead of giving your debit card number.  Don't forget VISA Gift Cards are great for giving as gifts for any occasion.  These cards are: *nonreloadable, *for non PIN based usage, *non-refundable, *card valid thru the date on the front of the card or until the value is 0, *funds valid for 7 years after initial load or until funds are depleted.  Fees: $10.00 replacement if lost/stolen, $5.00 after 12 months of non use and monthly until next transaction, International transaction fee up to 1% where conversion occurs or .8% if conversion not performed.  Call 866-833-2370 if card is lost/stolen and call the credit union for replacement card.  Error Resolution: contact customer service within 60 days of transaction.

Remember, Members Choice Credit Union also has a VISA Credit Card.  Benefits of this card are: fixed rate, pay the bill here at our office, no cash advance charge, no annual fee.  Stop by the office to ask for full details/disclosure on both of these cards.